Historic Preservation Office

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“Preserving our Past for the Future”

The CNMI Historic Preservation Office is mandated under Public Law 3-39, cited as the “Commonwealth Historic Preservation Act of 1982,” to promote the preservation of the historic and cultural heritage of the Northern Mariana Islands and to prohibit the taking of historic properties and artifacts from the Northern Mariana Islands.

The duties of the Historic Preservation Office are:

  • To implement the intent of the Commonwealth Historic Preservation Act of 1982 and carry out the responsibilities and adhere to standards set forth for State Historic Preservation Officers by the United States National Historic Preservation Act of 1966
  • To implement the intent of and to have primary responsibility for the execution of the duties and responsibilities of the Department of Community and Cultural Affairs granted by subsection (d) of Section 3 of Chapter 7 of Title 1 of the Executive branch Organization Act of 1978 (PL 01-08)
  • To carryout federal laws and regulations applicable to the Commonwealth, the Governor’s executive orders and Commonwealth regulations pertaining to historic and cultural preservation
  • To conduct a comprehensive survey to identify all sites, structures, buildings, objects and areas of value in archaeology, history, architecture, engineering, and cultures of the Northern Mariana Islands
  • To develop an educational program and service for the purpose of making available to the public facts and information pertaining to historic and archaeological sites, buildings, structures and other properties significant to the Commonwealth
  • To protect, preserve and regulate access to places, artifacts and things of historical significance as required by Section 3 of Article XIV of the Constitution
  • To issue or deny permits, after review by the Review Board, for use, access, and development of land containing cultural and historic properties, and for the taking of any artifact of historic or cultural significance from the Commonwealth for cultural exchange, scientific identification, or donation to a non-profit organization recognized on the basis of its cultural significance to the Commonwealth
  • To seek, receive, and administer such funds as are necessary and appropriate to carry out the intent of this Act and relevant federal authorities
  • To develop and submit to the Review Board such rules and regulations as may be necessary, including but not limited to establishing definitions for: Artifacts, cultural and historic property, and such other definitions as may be necessary to carry out the purpose of the Commonwealth Historic Preservation Act of 1982

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